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FTX and Binance reportedly seek to transition existing Voyager customers to their platforms whereas CrossTower has proposed to keep the existing Voyager platform and app. [...]

The presence of global players may be viewed positively by the industry, but Tony Ling claims this does not impact mass adoption. [...]

It seems that some GPU owners have resorted to selling power to non-crypto projects following the Ethereum Merge. [...]

A total of 2.97 billion aUSD erroneously minted were recovered after the glitch. [...]

The state Department of Financial Protection & Innovation says the crypto-interest account is an unqualified security; Nexo has limited the accounts since the BlockFi settlement with the SEC. [...]

Ethereum's Merge became final on Sept. 15, 2022. Seven developers are here to tell you why they believe it made Ethereum more sustainable, energy-efficient, and democratic. [...]

Do Kwon told his more than one million Twitter followers that he had not seen his name on Interpol’s Red Notice list, but not all names are made available to… [...]

Multiple indicators of economic health all point to a severe recession hitting the US and global economy soon. What could this mean for crypto investors? [...]

Executive board member Fabio Panetta says it would undermine financial stability if the ECB were unprepared to use distributed ledge technology, but that’s the best he can say for it. [...]

The top collectible recently sold for 6 ETH on OpenSea. [...]

Bitcoin and altcoins appear to be ignoring the headline of the U.S. dollar index soaring to a 20-year high as the British pound plummets to a record-low against DXY. [...]

The U.S. dollar has been the clear winner as investors seek shelter in the largest global economy, but could the British pound's weakness be a positive for Bitcoin. [...]

Singapore's largest bank expanded crypto trading for accredited investors only, aligned with financial authorities' views. [...]

Michael Patryn was doxed earlier this year for being the co-founder behind the DeFi project Wonderland, which collapsed shortly after. [...]

The views of the NSA whistleblower, who has been in Russia since 2013, seemingly clash with those of President Vladimir Putin, who has often worked against promoting decentralization. [...]

It's still all about the U.S. dollar this week as the monthly close and options expiry loom for Bitcoin. [...]

Cardano’s Vasil hard fork seeks to enhance the platform’s transaction throughput speeds, DApp development capacity, security and general usability. [...]

Most Cardano hard forks have preceded ADA price crashes, and Vasil looks no different. [...]

“Index investing can be boring, but it saves you from the worst possible outcomes.” [...]

The hacker stole 732 ETH worth about $950,000 and sent it to the sanctioned Tornado Cash mixer. [...]

Large financial institutions are getting involved in digital assets by investing capital, time and effort into custody technology solutions. [...]

The stablecoin's top-rival Tether has witnessed growth in its market cap, on the other hand. [...]

The Binance crypto exchange will burn all trading fees collected on its LUNC/BUSD and LUNC/USDT spot and margin pairs. [...]

Hoskinson called the Ethereum Merge a flawed PoS implementation, claiming custodial staking would create issues for the network in the long run. [...]

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080’s price dropped from $1118, or 8,000 yuan, to 5,000 yuan within three months, according to a Chinese merchant. [...]

Reaching 1 GBP = $1.04, the pound has crash-landed, marking a record low against the U.S. dollar following the new prime minister’s budget announcements. [...]

A time tunnel to November 2020 opens on BTC price action as the U.S. dollar lays waste to currencies and equities alike. [...]

The key objectives of the project are to identify and understand innovative business models, use cases, benefits, risks and operational models for a CBDC in Australia. [...]

Dave Ripley says he doesn’t see a reason to register with the SEC as an exchange because Kraken does not offer securities to users. [...]

The proposal puts forward an “opt-in” token standard that would enable victims to report theft to a governance contract, with algorithms helping to identify and freeze ill-gotten gains. [...]

PROJECT XENO, a gaming platform by CROOZ, announced today its partnership with Floyd Mayweather Jr, a former professional boxing world champion in five weight classes. The partnership seeks to launch… [...]

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA / SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2022 / According to information provided by the cryptocurrency monitoring company Messari, the value of a recently introduced meme coin known as Jail Kwon… [...]

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has rolled out its policy concerning digital assets leaving analysts to debate whether the Commission is for or against the industry. [...]

Moshnake is a community-backed play-to-earn NFT game. The classic snake game on Nokia mobile inspired the game developers. Eventually, they modified the game so players won’t waste time playing games… [...]

Undoubtedly, the cryptocurrency space has become a part of every sector in the world, from finances to entertainment. Especially the financial system has witnessed a revolution, thanks to decentralised platforms… [...]

Following the successful conversion of Ethereum from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake on September 21, 2022, Pando Asset introduced two additional crypto ETPs, PBTC and PETH, on the… [...]

DeFiChain, the world’s top Bitcoin blockchain devoted to democratizing access to decentralized financial services and applications, today announces the listing of its DFI token on, one of the biggest… [...]

On September 23, 2022, PRIMEZTOKEN was listed on LBank Exchange, a major digital asset trading platform. The PRIMEZTOKEN/USDT trading pair is now formally accessible for trading to all LBank Exchange… [...]

Hyperchain X, the world’s first community-driven token in gaming, has announced that it will launch its first product next month. This includes the gaming NFT marketplace and NFT mystery boxes… [...]

Tachyon Domination’s entry into the market for video games promises a free-to-play (F2P) experience that might finally achieve the goal of mass adoption of a blockchain-based video game. In contrast… [...]

Luna Classic (LUNC), the renamed native token of the Terra network that infamously crashed to virtually zero in May, is rising in value today as traders bet that the new… [...]

ThorChain (RUNE) and Avalanche (AVAX) are advanced crypto ecosystems that have made trading and building decentralized apps much easier. However, new entrants can find it hard to understand the concept… [...]

The crypto market has witnessed the great success of many Metaverse crypto projects. However, The Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA) always remain in the lead. Another project in the same… [...]

2022 has been a rough year for crypto traders and investors due to the significant bearish move that has plagued the crypto space since late 2021. Many crypto projects have… [...]

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