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First-person shooter Shrapnel blows gamers away at GDC, Otherside’s Second Trip vs Fortnite, Callan gets killed by zombies over and over. [...]

The Treasury Department's Under Secretary for Domestic Finance Nellie Liang said at the same hearing she didn’t believe crypto “played a direct role” in the failure of the banks. [...]

Experts are speculating on ways the bipartisan bill could be misused if passed into law, and finding potential threats to technologies that people love. [...]

Careful optimism was the theme at this year's Paris Blockchain Week. Builders will build and the crypto community will keep going. [...]

The ARB airdrop followed the sell-the-news narrative, but Arbitrum’s DApp use and fundamentals remain strong and smart money continues to buy ARB tokens. [...]

The entity reportedly uses a range of 812 different IP addresses to obscure its identity while collecting data. [...]

Peer-to-peer marketplace Paxful will refund its Earn program users impacted by Celsius Network’s bankruptcy. [...]

ETH investors appear unconcerned about the regulatory challenges facing the crypto market and are instead selecting to focus on the network’s next upgrade. [...]

While trying to wrap his CryptoPunk to borrow money, an NFT investor accidentally sent the asset to a burning address, permanently removing it from circulation. [...]

The former FTX CEO reportedly gave Joseph Bankman roughly $10 million funded by a loan from Alameda Research as a part of a lifetime estate and gift tax exemption. [...]

The regulator is throwing the book at Beaxy and people associated with it on charges of unregistered securities offering and failing to register in a number of capacities. [...]

Bitcoin and select altcoins are close to breaking out of their overhead resistance levels, indicating that bulls remain in control of the crypto market. [...]

Learn how to mitigate security risks associated with crypto payments through methods such as hardware wallets and secure exchanges. [...]

Documents reviewed by the Financial Times show that Binance kept staff and operations in China despite announcing its departure in 2017. [...]

In March mining stocks increased at a slower pace compared to BTC, amid macroeconomic uncertainty and increasing competition among Bitcoin miners. [...]

Do Kwon may have to serve time in Montenegro if convicted of charges related to forged identification documents before any extradition to the U.S. or South Korea is granted. [...]

Bitcoin simply hasn’t dealt with the worst of resistance in a key trading range for everyone to flip bullish. [...]

A U.S. regulator called Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin commodities in its court filing against Binance; it did not mention XRP anywhere. [...]

Crypto Wendy built an audience by being herself, defending others, trashing jerks and the SEC, and showing underdogs how to win at crypto. [...]

New data from research by eBit Labs and LiveArt marketplace reveals that the previous estimates of creator royalty losses, which were around $35 million, may be much higher. [...]

Prior to the introduction of P2E gaming, the average gamer would say that they enjoy playing video games simply because they're fun. Now, Web3 adds a completely new dimension to… [...]

To stay recession-proof, build an emergency fund, cut expenses, diversify investments, pay off debt and enhance your skills. [...]

Polygon partners with Wakweli, a Web3 infrastructure protocol that issues certificates of authenticity for NFTs to certify originality. [...]

With the meteoric rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, many people are wondering: How will AI influence the video game industry? [...]

Stablecoins are seen as a potential solution to crypto’s banking problem, but some of them are currently not immune to banking issues. [...]

Cointelegraph’s Elisha Owusu Akyaw shares how cryptocurrency is changing the financial landscape in Africa — and the opportunities and challenges that come with it. [...]

Crypto P2P users in Nigeria worry over using various platforms to launder funds as the country's central bank cracks down on bank accounts that receive a share of Flutterwave’s rumored… [...]

It appears that the SEC has exempted NFT art tokenization from registration as security offerings. [...]

The chair of the Financial Services Committee said its primary focus would be setting the groundwork for crypto regulations in the United States. [...]

ARB's price trajectory looks similar to MATIC after its market debut when MATIC rose 1,350% after facing a brutal selloff in its early days of trading. [...]

Terraform Labs co-founder Shin Hyun-Seong has appeared in court for questioning. Local media outlets reported Hyun-Seong was questioned about the fall of Terr. Shin Daniel is interrogated The Judge enquired… [...]

The FSC chief stated that their primary goal would be to lay the groundwork for the US Crypto regulations. The chief of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Gary… [...]

Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs established “Codokoj22 d.o.o. Beograd” in Serbia with its main business activity listed as consultancy services for less than $1 just weeks after receiving… [...]

The Metaverse Division was created to find new ways to engage Disney’s audience. Entertainment giant Disney has pulled out of its metaverse division in which the company cut $5.5 billion… [...]

Prosecutors in South Korea are seeking to arrest Daniel Shin, the Fintech entrepreneur behind the Terraform Labs cryptocurrency project that lost a $60 billion loss. The Seoul prosecutor office confirmed… [...]

Leading Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Ledger has warned its users about a new fraud tactic targeting unsuspecting XRP holders. Ledger stated that the criminals have created an unauthentic version of the… [...]

Cryptocurrency users in Nigeria appear to have received another significant boost as Metamask a web3 payment company that makes cryptocurrency purchases in Nigeria furthermore trustworthy and accessible has expanded its… [...]

The Arbitrum team faced hacking and theft challenges somehow affecting users by managing the much-awaited Arbitrum Airdrop despite the technical issues. Several prominent members of the crypto community have revealed… [...]

In an unusual NFT wrapping procedure, Riley accidentally sent assets to a burned address resulting in the permanent removal of the NFT from circulation. A Nonfungible Token (NFT) from the… [...]

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance has provided live updates on the disruption in trading in the country. The outage was caused by a software error in the spot-matching engine that… [...]

Greenpeace’s “Skull of Satoshi” focal points their grievances with Bitcoin’s consensus mechanism but Bitcoin proponents are using it as a new mascot. Bitcoin by environmental group Greenpeace has resulted in… [...]

The settlement between the companies, FTX and Bankman Fried can avoid a costly legal battle when the funds represent a small portion of the total shortfall in FTX’s assets. Bankrupt… [...]

As a beginner, trading cryptocurrency can be a daunting task. However, with proper knowledge and understanding of the market, it can be a lucrative investment opportunity. In this beginner’s guide,… [...]

As the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) continues to rise, they become an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals and fraudsters. Because there is no centralized authority or regulator overseeing… [...]

Lawyers representing a class-action lawsuit against FTX influencer “BitBoy Crypto”, aka YouTuber Ben Armstrong, for allegedly promoting crypto exchange FTX claimed Armstrong has made multiple threats against them. However, the… [...]

Texas lawmaker Cody Harris has introduced a bitcoin mining bill aiming to have the legislature say the “Bitcoin economy is welcome” in the state. Texas Lawmaker Rallying Support For Bitcoin… [...]

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has been booming thanks to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many large-name corporations are now coming around to cryptocurrency and allowing consumers to use them as… [...]

PVP is one of the most interesting pieces of the whole game in any MMO RPG. Players spend hours on farming and pumping, passing dungeons and getting the rarest artifacts… [...]

ConsenSys, the parent firm of MetaMask, announced on March 21 a new integration with crypto fintech MoonPay, enabling users in Nigeria to purchase crypto via instant bank transfers. The new… [...]

After discovering a “security vulnerability” that allowed an adversary to gain access to user hot wallets and obtain sensitive information such as passwords and private keys, Bitcoin ATM manufacturer General… [...]

Freelancing is the future of work. With over 58 million freelancers in the United States alone – a number that is rising by the day – gig economy workers are… [...]

Narratives and hype dominate bull market cycles. Fundamentals and revenue generation dominate bear market cycles. Projects with solid fundamentals will be the best performers in 2023, rally hard before the… [...]

The world of cryptocurrency is ever-evolving, with new coins and tokens being released daily. Recently, some newcomers have emerged that could soon rival established tokens like ETH, offering much more… [...]

As cryptocurrency recovers from the bear market, many search for the best long-term assets for 2023. And if you’re looking for the top 3 predictions, look no further than Apecoin… [...]

Pro-ripple lawyer John Deaton has predicted that the controversial Hinman emails and speech drafts will be made public at some point, despite efforts by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to… [...]

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, continued to soar Wednesday, bucking a market-wide decline fueled by a string of recent US regulatory crackdowns on the industry. [...]

Summary: The native token of My Neighbor Alice, ALICE, will soon be exchangeable for other currencies on the Web3 Gaming platform, NFTb, powered by Binance.  STOCKHOLM – MARCH 29th, 2023… [...]

Sam Bankman-Fried, better known as SBF, is in hot waters again. The founder of the failed FTX crypto exchange has been hit with an additional bribery charge. [...]

As the crypto landscape shifts gears, Cardano (ADA) and Litecoin (LTC) are quietly making gains, yet their accomplishments are dwarfed by the staggering 2713% return of the revolutionary Orbeon Protocol… [...]

Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency space has heightened in popularity as more traders seek to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this exciting and fast-evolving industry. Notably,… [...]

Collateral Network is an innovative lending platform enabling anyone to borrow cash against their physical assets using NFT tech. [...]

Enjin Coin (ENJ) and HEX (HEX) have seen price increases after the collapse of Silicon Valley and Signature Banks – two major US banks. However, one project currently in stage… [...]

Ripple defense lawyer John E Deaton is confident that the presiding judge will soon be announcing her ruling regarding whether the crypto firm broke the law by selling unregistered securities.… [...]

2023 has already seen the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) swinging into enforcement action within the crypto space. With Q1 2023 almost over, the SEC has charged several individuals and… [...]

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