Is Telcoin (TEL) Cryptocurrency a Bump and Dump? –

Telcoin cryptocurrency began its journey with a disorderly aim in its mind, which was at that time definitely not considered distinct. The crews behind the development of different altcoins have visions of altering some of the aspects of the world. However, that vision of making a change in the existing world has often been marinated in misconceptions and/or fantasies.


Talking about the main aim of the crypto asset, it is the settlement market, where the Western Union is presently the crystal clear spearheader. In addition to this, it should be noted that the crypto coin has recently entered a partnership with the international telecoms and Android money exchange platforms in order to provide their users with high-pace, relatively low-cost digital settlements to android money platforms and digital wallets.


The reader must know that what is more difficult here in the market is to dethrone the existing market leaders in the market, the ruling currencies, and coins. However, the fact that this coin has encountered major strides and implementations this year can not be ignored at any cost. 

If we count on the gains of the cryptocurrency from the beginning of this year, the crypto coin has managed to soar around 30,000%, and even though it is a huge return, this rise in the price of the crypto coin can be seen as an extremely regular figure from some new Initial Coin Offerings.


Moreover, in the case of this coin, it can be witnessed that this is not some upward rising due to marketing strategies that are being utilized to gain the interest of the investor, the coin has been around in the market since the year 2017.

What Is Driving the Telcoin Cryptocurrency 

Telcoin (TEL) is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain and is utilized in the telcoin ecosystem for making transactions on digital commerce websites. In the year 2017, Claude Eguinta and Paul Neuner co-founded the coin in order to assist their users in transferring money internationally in just a matter of seconds. 


Grasping the power of blockchain, the coin is striving to bring people in the evolving world a faster, low-cost surrogate to settlement services. In order to achieve its target, the company tries to build relationships with mobile companies and internationally established digital wallets that allow them to reach out to a wide user base with a service that does not require contact.


In addition to this, it should be noted that the crypto coin has not been a big beneficiary of the several surges in the market. What is going to help Telcoin Cryptocurrency achieve its aim is the recently released advancement that will be allowing the institutions to connect consumers to allow DeFi into the equation.


Moreover, the firm has recently announced a settlement service that will be helping with the conveying of funds between the Philippines and Canada. These projects are definitely of those kinds that can really assist in propelling the coin into mass adoption. Besides, witnessing history has never been an easy task.

How to Purchase Telcoin

Moving further with the article and discussing how to purchase Telcoin Cryptocurrency, the reader should be aware of the fact that the coin has been on various exchanges for a while now. 

The interested buyer will be having a choice between different platforms such as Uniswap, Kucoin, and Balancer, which has ultimately made it really straightforward to invest in the crypto coin for a while.

Security Factor of Telcoin

As seen in the reports released by different market aggregators, people have been searching for queries like Tel bump or dump, telcoin bump or dump, in their search boxes. Definitely, before moving further one should be able to get his hands on the details, rumors, data, and information that is circulating in the market.


As the Telcoin Cryptocurrency makes use of the PoC model, there are no authenticators present on the network to validate the dealings on the network.

However, in order to attain better and advanced security levels, the coin enacts multi-signature crypto security.


As of now, the banks are forecasted to remain controlling the crypto market. Also, the competition is gradually increasing.

In addition to all the details mentioned above, it should be noted that the team has recently announced its addition to a decentralized exchange named QuickSwap. Moreover, the news of the QuickSwap listing did play a vital role in drifting up the value of the coin.

This is because the operations of the exchange are done on the Polygon protocol which does have a lower charge.