Tranglo Collaborates OmiPay for Payments and Remittances in Southeast Asia

Known to provide secure and seamless cross-border payments, Tranglo, is preparing to launch borderland payments and remittances in collaboration with OmiPay from Australia to China.

Joining hands with OmiPay, Tranglo has previously received investment from the crypto behemoth at the end of the previous month.

Tranglo Extend Its Sphere to Southeast Asia

Tranglo’s 40 percent stake was acquired by Ripple at the end of March. Tranglo is now using RippleNet’s ODL service for the XRP based proceedings with OmiPay. The Australia-based firm that is assisting set up the corridors of payment is at present using Tranglo Connect Solution for remittance to China and southeast parts of Asia. 

OmiPay is accessible in all big cities in Australia. Providing the chance to extend on the continent and beyond,  Tranglo is trying to its fullest to keep its customers happy. 

Tranglo collaborates to help OmiPay to set up payment corridors in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. In addition, the two companies are collaborating to make cross-border payments more affordable and accessible in Australia.

Tranglo and OmiPay Collaborates to Reach International Students

The partnership between Tranglo and OmiPay is now seeking to extend its roots to international students. Since students are always on the lookout for cheaper and convenient alternative ways to pay for their tuition at Australian colleges.

Using numerous payment methods for this, Tranglo adapts the use of e-wallets. As in context with OmiPay, the operator of the payment has already integrated multiple payment options, for example, Visa, Alipay, WeChat pay, and Mastercard.

Asia’s leading cross-border payment specialist Tranglo has its roots in more than 100 countries with workplaces in London, Dubai, and a few other prime locations. Focusing on keeping the customers happy, the platform aims to transform foreign remittance, business, and mobile payments. 


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