The Latest Deutsche Bank Report Says that Crypto is Here to Stay

Even though, the chief investment officer (CIO) of Deutsche Bank, Christian Nolting, warns investors dealing with cryptocurrencies with caution, the latest Deutsche Bank Report says that the industry is “here to stay.” While CBDC’s could pose a threat to Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency could still serve as a store of value, according to Nolting.

Crypto is Here to Stay: Deutsche Bank Report

In the latest, April 2021, CIO Special report, the chief investment officer of Deutsche Bank, Christian Nolting, highlights the current state of the cryptocurrency industry.

With the industry’s rapid growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he believes cryptocurrencies are here to stay:

“I think that by now, it is clear that cryptocurrencies (in some form) are here to stay, but I would argue that they are far from a mainstream asset class.”

Nolting even validated Bitcoin as an “important investment vehicle either in terms of portfolio diversification or inflation hedging” and hence should be treated with caution. However, he believes the digital asset’s sharp volatilities could be a significant obstacle to larger adoption.

Nolting even highlighted central banks worldwide rushing to develop their own central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

According to him, the general population might prefer to go with CBDCs in comparison to decentralized currencies, saying:

“governments and more digitally-aware populations may ultimately prefer to go with CBDC, at least for general use, at the possible expense of some cryptocurrencies. If this happens, then the more successful cryptocurrencies are likely to become increasingly differentiated in terms of business models and utility.”

Bitcoin Could Serve as a Store of Value

The CIO of Deutsche Bank further says that stringent crypto regulations across the world could hinder the prospects of cryptocurrencies over the long term:

“A widespread introduction of CBDCs accompanied by higher regulation of cryptocurrencies could create a more challenging environment for crypto assets as some of their advantages compared to traditional financial assets would fade in the longer term.”

Despite people dismissing the flagship cryptocurrency as a payment method, Bitcoin could still serve as a store of value, Nolting adds.

He even compared the cryptocurrency’s limited supply similar to that of Gold, saying “it is understandable why many believe bitcoin could ultimately replace gold as a store of value.”


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