NFT Studio House of Kibaa Announced LeBron James NBA Top Shot Auction 

An upcoming auction will be selling three legendary NBA Top Shot NFTs, involving a token that holds the record for most-expensive Top Shot moment sold. In a recent announcement, it has been revealed that Non-fungible token studio, House of Kibaa, is auctioning three legendary NBA Top Shot NFTs that will be depicting slam dunks from the renowned pro-basket player, LeBron James.

NFT Studio Auctioning LeBron James Top Shot NFTs

The auction is going to be hosted in partnership with Heritage Auctions and will be running from May 6 until May 20. The three non-fungible tokens are going to be auctioned off as a single collection. 

Each of the tokens was released during the very first season of the NBA Top Shot and are of Legendary scarcity. These are the rarest tokens that Top Shot collectors can own.

NBA Top Shot has grown much in terms of popularity since launching its closed beta in the month of June 2020, and the transition to open beta after three months.

Top Shot, by the month of March 2021, had generated over $230 million in total sales as reported in the data shared by the officials.

In accordance with the leading market analysts, the secondary peer-to-peer marketplace of Top Shot hosts over $1.8 million worth of trades daily. 

According to the 30-day rolling average with the Legendary tokens having fetched six-figure prices in recent times.

House of Kibaa Spokesperson Says it is the Largest Auction Sale in NBA Top Shot History

T.C. Lau, the spokesperson for the House of Kibaa, has described the offering as the largest auction sale in NBA Top Shot history noting that each of the tokenized moments has got some serial numbers.

These serial numbers hold a really commendable significance to the late Los Angeles Lakers star, Kobe Bryant.

The tokens that are to be auctioned boast the serial numbers #26, #41, and #42.


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