Opera Adds Unstoppable Domains Support for Browsing

Opera web browser has officially integrated the blockchain domain systems, Unstoppable Domains in a major push towards Web3 adoption. Users can now access decentralized websites hosted via IPFS with the help of Unstoppable Domains’ .crypto NFT addresses without any additional extension.

Opera Adds Unstoppable Domains Support

Opera users will be able to access .crypto blockchain-powered domains on any devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux, per the announcement.

With Opera’s collaboration with Unstoppable domains, anyone will be able to host their own decentralized website and access others.

Users of Unstoppable Domains are given the ownership and administrative rights when claiming a domain because it’s minted as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Once acquired, such domains do not require their owner to pay annual renewal fees. Moreover, it can even be used to replace traditional domains or wallet addresses.

With .crypto domain names, complex wallet addresses can also be replaced for payments across over 40 cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges in addition to accessing the decentralized web through Opera.

In the announcement release, Matthew Gould, CEO at Unstoppable Domains, said:

Unstoppable Domains’ expansion of decentralized websites to all Opera Browser platforms gives more people a simple way to own high-functionality NFT domains and access the decentralized web. These domains simplify the process of transacting with a .crypto wallet, eliminating the need to remember a lengthy wallet address.”

Opera Initially Supported Unstoppable Domains for Mobile Browsing

Opera says it also supports IPFS that helps users retrieve .crypto sites from a decentralized network of computers, rather than a cloud provider or server.

Opera’s product director Maciej Kocemba said:

“We have always supported web innovation, and the decentralized web or Web3 is the natural next wave. Making Unstoppable Domains accessible in the Opera browsers means our users can try blockchain technologies for themselves.”

When Opera launched mobile browser support for Unstoppable Domains last year, it marked a major milestone for a major browser for supporting a domain name system not part of the traditional Domain Name Service (DNS).

The latest integration with its desktop browser, now adds support for over 80+ million monthly active users.



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