Ripple to Expand its Global Market by Partnering with New Universities

The UBRI project of Ripple is again in the news to expand its blockchain accelerator program in the global market. Joining hands with three more leading universities, under the program Ripple added the names to its list of company partners. 

Ripple Partners with Universities to Expand in the Global Market 

The three universities that participated in the collaboration are The University of Capetown, New York University Abu Dhabi, and Reykjavik University. Being added to the list of the company’s partners, one can primarily see that these educational institutions belong to separate continents.  Institutions like the University of Tokyo have also acted as validators like the XRP Ledger validators.

A few educational institutions like the University of Michigan, Cornell University, and Duke University are among the top universities that have collaborated with Ripple in the past.

An associate professor at the University of Cape Town, Co-Pierre Georg claims that “Ripple’s grant will help to “ensure the innovativeness” in the country’s remittance sector. ” He mentioned that;

“Central banks around the world are studying the use of distributed ledgers to overhaul their payments infrastructure, and nowhere is this more important than in Africa. With our large remittance sector and high cost of cash, this grant will help us accelerate our activities to create the necessary skills to ensure the innovativeness of our financial services sector.” 

Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) Program

The aforementioned universities will be able to conduct research, host conferences, and support blockchain-focused initiatives of their students by relying on Ripple’s UBRI funding.  

Originally inaugurated in 2018, the UBRI program has to lead the industry to provide students with the technical tools and resources required to thrive as a part of the next generation of technical talent. By supporting the latest curriculum UBRI is leading the workforce of the upcoming research and technical problem solving, knowledge sharing, and convening. UBRI has already sponsored 280 research projects.


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