BAT Technical Analysis: A 6.06% Rise Giving Out a Bullish Trend

The Basic Attention Token is a token that powers block-chain based digital advertising platforms. It was designed to give users a fair reward for their attention and provide advertisers with a better return on expenditure.

The experience is provided through Brave Browser, which focuses on the privacy of its users and provides advertisers with data to target ads. Brave Browser provides faster-browsing speed (claims to be 2x faster than Chrome), protects privacy, and also provides Malware protection. The BAT technical analysis is as follows:

Past Performance

Basic Action Token (BAT) is up 6.06% in the last 24 hours. While in the past 7 days, BAT has dropped by 14.5% after touching $1.32 on the upside to hitting the low of $0.8768.

Moreover, $1,826,593,880.08 is the current market cap of Basic Action Token. Up by 6.06% in the last 24 hours.

Day-Ahead and Tomorrow

Basic Attention Token is trading at $1.185 currently with increasing the volume of trading to $526,466,933.07, which increased by 0.69% in the last 24 hours.

With the increasing volume, we see a 6.06% rise in the market price thus giving out a bullish trend.

The MACD signal line crossing from below shows the bullish strength of the pattern. The crossover of the MACD signal line from below makes the market momentum bullish, and we can see a rise in the market price. After crossing the level of $1.197, BAT will confirm the bullish trend.

The next oscillator, RSI shows us the potential left for buying limits. Currently, the RSI is at more than 55%, which still has the potential to touch the overbought zone.

RSI shows an upward trend as it sees high volumes being traded which gives the confirmation.

BAT Technical Analysis

As per technical analysis, important levels to look for are –

We are sure of the bullish sentiment the chart is showing. We can see it in the chart attached below after crossing the level of $1.197, the next movement on the upside is $1.32, then $1.53. If the bullish trend continues it can touch its ATH at $1.65.

On the other hand, the first downside retracement level it can touch is $1.16 if it falls further crossing these levels $1.14, $1.02 to the ultimate support range between $1.06 to $0.96, then it’s a confirmation that the bearish trend has begun.


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