Gemini Users Can Now Buy Crypto with Apple Pay and Google Pay

U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini has added a new payment support feature. According to an official announcement from April 22, users from all over the world can now purchase cryptocurrencies with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Apparently, both the payment methods are already live on the Gemini app.

Users Can Now Buy Crypto with Apple Pay and Google Pay on Gemini App

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange has announced adding support for buying cryptocurrencies with Apple Pay and Google Pay. The payment method is now officially live on the Gemini app.

Per the announcement, customers of Gemini can now connect their debit cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay for buying cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies.

Gemini further noted that users can withdraw the funds only one-hour post-purchase on the app using the new payment support feature.

Users of the app can buy any cryptocurrencies of their choice by simply selecting either of these payment options.

The new feature is available for over 30 cryptocurrencies supported on Gemini, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and DeFi tokens such as AAVE, DAI, and Maker’s MKR.

Meanwhile, Gemini did not specify the amount in fees needed for buying the supported cryptocurrencies via Apple Pay or Google Pay. However, the platform retains 3.49% of the total purchase amount from deposits carried out via debit card transfers, while wire transfers and crypto-to-crypto deposits include zero fees.

Buying Cryptocurrencies with Traditional Payment Service

In recent months, the cryptocurrency industry is getting friendly in terms of growing integrations with mainstream payment services such as Apple Pay.

For instance, in February, major crypto payment processor BitPay announced Apple Pay integrations, allowing its users to connect to Apple Wallet and pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. A month later, crypto payment firm Simplex also enabled Apple Pay users for purchasing the COTI cryptocurrency.

With the latest addition of Google Pay and Apple Pay, Gemini goes one step ahead in enhancing crypto adoption. Hopefully, the new additions of the payment platforms will encourage new users to enter into the crypto space.


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