Hackers Sell Data of 1M Domino’s India Customers for 10 Bitcoins

Domino’s India has reported a significant customer database breach by hackers which they are selling for 10 Bitcoins. The breach has exposed 1 million credit cards including personal details such as mobile numbers, names, home addresses, payment type, and social login tokens. Apparently, the attackers have put the hacked database on sale on the dark web in return for 10 Bitcoin.

Hackers Demanding 10 Bitcoins in Return for the Data of Domino’s India

Alon Gal, the Co-founder and CTO of the Israeli security firm Hudson Rock, has claimed that hackers have got access to personally identifiable details of Domino India’s users including credit card details.

The database includes customers’ data, payment information, including one million credit cards and personal details over hundreds of employees.

Gal says that the hackers on the dark web are demanding 10 Bitcoin or $570,000 for the complete database, 13TB in size. Apparently, the attackers are now negotiating with the executives of Domino’s for returning the database on receiving the ransom amount, says Gal.

The sale is apparently happening on the dark web and likely on a site frequented by cyber scammers.

Numerous messages on the dark web have also been published by the hackers indicating that the perpetrators are going to build a search portal to enable interested parties to look for specifics in the leaked data.

Domino’s India Keeps Mum Over the Data Breach

Domino’s India website was compromised earlier this month, as per local media reports. While the consequences of the attack were unknown until recently. Meanwhile, as of now, Domino’s India has neither confirmed nor denied that data of its consumers has been stolen or leaked from its servers.

Jubilant Foodworks, the organization operating the franchise of Domino’s Pizza in India and several other countries, have reportedly experienced a significant data breach. While Jubilant FoodWorks has confirmed the security breach, the organization has declined that the hackers have stolen sensitive information, including payment details.

Jubilant FoodWorks owns and operates the franchise of the American pizza restaurant chain Domino’s Pizza in India that has over 1,300 restaurants in nearly 300 cities in Asia.


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