Elrond CEO Says US Shoppers Can Shop on E-Comm Websites Using eGold

Beniamin Mincu, the CEO of Elrond, has recently shared a tweet that says US shoppers will now be able to use eGold on e-commerce websites via Shopping.io. This has come after the recent surge in the online retail market of the U.S., marking a 44% increase as compared to the year 2019.

Elrond CEO Tweets US Shoppers Can Shop Online Using eGold

In the recent revelation made by the CEO of Elrond, it was mentioned that the eGold of Elrond will be amalgamated on Shopping.io on April 8. 

In addition to this, it should be noted that the recent move of enabling eGold shopping on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay is an action taken due to the rapid growth in the online retail market of the U.S.

Addressing the recent surge in the online retail market of the United States, Beniamin Mincu released a statement that read:

“Drone deliveries, intelligent homes resupplying automatically, virtual shopping experiences, customizable avatars, and other such technological advancements will continue to drive online sales and convenience for everyone. As a result, eCommerce is rapidly growing its share of the $5 trillion dollars US retail market. We’re excited to enable eGold as a means of payment in the new digital retail economy.”

Shopping.io was created by experts who built it as a gateway for a crypto shopping experience. In addition to the already joined e-commerce websites, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, Alibaba is on the list of Elrond to be added.

Commenting on the recent amalgamation, the CEO of Shopping.io, Arbel Arif released a statement that said:

“We value the experience of our customers above everything else and we’re therefore excited to offer them the possibility of using the eGold and Maiar combo for making purchases on our platform.”

Rapid Developments in Adoption of Cryptocurrency for Shopping

The recently launched Bakkt Digital Wallet by Bakkt Holdings allows its customers to make use of their digital assets in their wallets in marquee brands such as Starbucks, GolfNow, and Best Buy.

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It intends to bring together Bitcoin and other digital assets in one platform eventually allowing the consumers and merchants to unlock the potential of digital assets that are currently held in cryptocurrencies.

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