BiboxEurope Announces Yet Another Development – Fiat Trading for Quality Projects

BiboxEurope, a fully regulated cryptocurrency trading platform based out of Switzerland has been keeping itself busy since its launch a few months ago. In a bid to offer the best of features to its userbase, the platform has recently announced the launch of fiat trading capability for quality projects listed on BiboxEurope.

The latest development closely follows its earlier announcements of GBP/Crypto trading support, referral rewards program, crypto Insta-buy with credit cards and more. According to the company, the latest fiat trading capability for selected projects will allow blockchain projects to list their tokens for trade, not just against cryptocurrencies but also fiat. By doing so, BiboxEurope will be solving a major hurdle faced by some of the upcoming projects with a lot of real-world potentials to open more fiat trading by leveraging the platform’s localized operation team and resource reservoir.

In order to get listed on BiboxEurope, the projects have to satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria set forth by the platform. BiboxEurope seeks out high-quality projects from around the world for this purpose and those that are deemed eligible will benefit from connections to European resources, expand their global ecological layout and further enhance their brand influence while accelerating the application of their technology in the real world. The BiboxEurope fiat trading feature will accelerate the development, implementation and adoption of selected projects, ultimately benefiting the entire blockchain industry space.

Is BiboxEurope a Good Choice for Blockchain Projects?

BiboxEurope has established itself with a strong footing in the European market. The platform has gained a lot of traction within a short span of time. It is fully regulated and has stringent AML and KYC requirements in place as specified by the regulatory institutions. Further, BiboxEurope is committed to offering the best possible services to its customers which includes the lowest fees and commissions on trades and purchases made over the platform.

The platform has received investment into equity by a world-leading top-10 bank in Europe. BiboxEurope also has working partnerships with multiple banking institutions based out of Germany and Switzerland which further adds to its credibility in both crypto as well as mainstream financial ecosystems. In addition to all the above, the team at BiboxEurope playing a role in supporting any project can go a long way, as they are highly skilled localized professionals with an in-depth understanding of the market, regulatory environment, compliance requirements, operations and more.

And finally, the multi-cluster architecture implemented by BiboxEurope creates a highly secure environment where the funds of both investors, as well as projects,  are kept safe.

BiboxEurope believes that it can add a lot of value to the blockchain industry by sharing the resources as well as valuable knowledge they have gained so far in the journey with other projects. The fiat trading capability is just the first step towards that direction and one can expect more such initiatives from BiboxEurope in the coming days.


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