Ontology Signs MoU With APIS To Start a Node Staking Service

Ontology signed an MOU with global masternode platform, APIS. As per the MOU, Ontology is going to start a node staking service on the APIS platform. Through this platform, users can apply to become Ontology nodes, take part in crowdfunding and staking and earn rewards. Users will earn rewards proportionate to the sum that they expend in crowdfunding.

APIS is currently working on developing its own payment platform, APIS PAY; through this ONT transfer will also be possible. Both the companies are striving to improve the blockchain service through their collaborative efforts and technical exchange.

Ontology is a facilitator for providing high-performance customizable public blockchains, which comprises of distributed ledger and smart contract systems. It helps in the partnering of various chain networks with its numerous protocol groups. Ontology implements dual token (ONT and ONG) model. ONT is a coin, which can be used for staking, while ONG is a service token that can be used for on-chain services. Presently, Ontology is trying to establish its foothold in Korea.

APIS is a masternode platform facilitating a wide range of users to have hassle-free access to the “Masternode Network.” Masternodes are those nodes in the cryptocurrency market that accomplish a specific function other than just transmitting transactions. During the recent upgradation, APIS added a gamut of products to the platform, like Masternode, PoS, and DPoS/BFT chain.


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