Chainlink Attempts to Rise Amongst the Moderate Volatility

The investors of Chainlink (LINK) are quite impressed with the recent surge that happened. The coin is rightly positioned amongst the top 30 coins of the crypto market.

Chainlink Price Chart
LINK Chart by TradingView

Yesterday, LINK was initially trading at the highest touch point of $1.989 at 01:26 UTC. The value from then saw a drastic drop to the lowest point in the said time frame at $1.743 when the drop of 12.35% was realized at 03:30 UTC. Chainlink price then escalated by 8.82% at 20:02 UTC, trading at the value of $1.89.

Today, the price from then dropped again by 4.18% at 01:42 UTC when the trade value changed to $1.81 which is escalated by 1.40%.

The value of LINK is fluctuating in the bearish zone. Yesterday, the coin saw the highest and lowest touch point but, presently it is trading below the baseline. The investors should hold on to their position and analyze the trade as of now.

LINK Price Chart

In the long-haul movement, the value of LINK saw a constant drop after June 29. However, it is a tough call for the users to decide about the trade decision due to the present volatility.

The resistance and support levels are calculated as follows:

Resistance Levels:

R1: $1.94, R2: $2.01, R3: $2.1

Support Levels:

S1: $1.78, S2: $1.69, S3: $1.62


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