MKR Price Remains Stable When the Market Experiences a Downtrend

Maker was trading at $474.64 as on September 15, 2019. However, with couple of falls it reached as low as $457.15 as on September 17, 2019. Post the said date the coin was manifesting a huge jump in the price; remaining constant on the next day around $549.82. However, Maker exhibited a sharp drop in the price yesterday. This seems to be temporary as the coin is presently stable at $519.77 (at the time of writing). Despite the fall in price, the coin has recovered quite well which proves the massive potential that Maker holds.

MKR to USD Price Comparison:

Maker Price
Maker Chart By TradingView

Maker currently indicates a bullish move by 13.70% when compared to the price of September 17, 2019.

We anticipate that the coin will more or less remain stable and will continue to trade close to $520 in the upcoming days.

As per the present trend noticed, we advise to purchase the new coins. The MACD indicator of the coin shows a bearish crossover as the signal line is above the MACD line.


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