NEO Price Fluctuation Spikes Hope for a Positive Ending

The crypto market has slightly improved its momentum. The day started with a bearish trend where most of the coins were drenched in blood. However, the coins in the market are trading upwards. The current price movement of NEO coin is an indication of a better closing.

NEO to USD Price Comparison

Yesterday, the coin opened with an upsurge of 1.89%. The price counters opened at $8.84 to $9.01. NEO price started slipping after touching $9 and dropped to $8.75. The regression was of 2.89%. Further, the coin price dropped from $8.89 to $8.67. The fall marked by 2.49% and then, NEO recovered and closed the day at $8.86. The intraday progression was of 0.28%. Today, the NEO price climbed from $8.86 to $8.91 by 0.58% within the first few hours. Later, the price dropped from $8.91 to $8.77. The fall was of 1.66%. Further, NEO recovered by 1.71% and took the price to $8.9.

NEO/USD Price Chart

NEO price
NEO Chart By TradingView

NEO Price Prediction

The last week was quite power packed for NEO. The coin has touched some unexpected highs and lows over the past seven days. We are anticipating that the day would also reflect a similar movement.

NEO is expected to end 2019 by reaching up to $11. The future prospect of the coin is bright; hence, investing in it would give a substantial profit to the traders. We would recommend the investors to go for short-term investment in NEO. It is likely to provide them with a colossal profit.


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