Tron DApp Report reveals new additions to the ecosystem, highlights growing transaction volumes

The Tron Foundation released its latest DApp Review, with the report revealing its growing dominance in the DApp ecosystem, as well as the increased use of smart contracts which surged to 1362 last week. The report highlighted the addition of two new DApps to the ecosystem; namely, Tron Name Service (TNS) and Zethyr Exchange.

Tron Name service is a domain name system based on the Tron blockchain, wherein each domain name ends in “.tron.” TNS works on smart contracts and has the capability to resolve any domain name to its corresponding hash address. TNS is believed to reduce human errors and also makes it quite easy for users to navigate through numerous features on the blockchain. TNS is completely decentralized and any node on the network can be used to view information related to any domain name.

Zethyr exchange, a decentralized exchange based on the TRON blockchain, is another new addition to the Tron DApp family. The decentralized exchange promises high asset security where only the user has access to their assets with zero trading fee. Users on the exchange can also stake the native token to earn dividends on a weekly basis.

Apart from the growing DApp ecosystem, the Tron network has also seen a surge in transaction volumes lately, something believed to be an outcome of its previous traffic boosting methods.

At press time, the network’s native token, TRX, was priced at $0.016. Ranked 14th on CoinMarketCap, the token had a market cap of $1.1 billion and registered a fall of 2.1%, at the time of writing.


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