Follow up on KaratGold: Do ICOs keep their promises?

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Four weeks ago, we conducted a significant analysis of the KaratGold eco-system and published our results in our series”Do ICOs maintain their Promises?” . While assessing the project’s roadmap objectives and actual accomplishments, we arrived at the conclusion that KaratCoin Bank and its associates took their roadmap quite seriously and accomplished almost each and every milestone right on time.

Now, almost 1 month later, Karatbars International and GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG once again prove the seriousness and earnestness of their business model. The management of both companies provided us with authoritative documents, which confirm the estimated raw material residue of the KaratGold owned goldmine”Fort Dauphin” equal several heaps of valuable metals and other valuable materials, including silver, gold and uranium.

Image: Page 10 of the official assessment of the Fort Dauphin mine, signed August 14, 2019

According to the documents we obtained, Fort Dauphin is situated in Tolagnaro, a city on the South-East coast of Madagascar, while the documents confirm that the mine is owned by the German firm GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG, along with the Singapore-based KARAT GOLD corporation PTE. LTD..

Both enterprises are further securing their top position in the market, by launching several other initiatives in the blockchain world. This includes the world’s first voice-over-blockchain smartphone IMpulse K1, the blockchain-powered payment solution K-Merchant, the hybrid cryptocurrency and gold trading platform KaratBit, as well as several other blockchain solutions linked to gold.

Moreover, the plagiarism allegations against KaratCoin Bank Coin [KCB] and KaratGold Coin [KBC] continue to dissolve, as there are already criminal charges against former collaborator Marvin Steinberg put in motion, for the reasons of forgery and the charge of serious fraud.

Karatbars CEO Harald Seiz and Chairman of the Board Josip Heit confirmed that the company remains on track with its future plans for the ecosystem. This does not seem to be an individual opinion, as blockchain experts recently described KaratGold Coin to be one of the most promising blockchain companies from the world-renowned business and finance book Forbes. With blockchain technology gaining more and more interest, we are closely watching the future steps of the KaratGold ecosystem.

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