Dash (DASH), Maker (MKR), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Prices Plunge Presently; Future Upsurge Expected- DASH, MKR & BCH Price Analysis

Dash Price Analysis:

Dash Price Prediction- August 09
Dash Price Chart by TradingView

Dash is considered as one of the most promising coins. The traders are very impressed by the potential of the coin. The last month was a disappointing time for the investors, but Dash kept the hopes of the traders alive. The ongoing month hyped the expectations, but the current scenario is disturbing.

To understand the momentum better, let’s have a look at the chart. The week opened with an upsurge in the coin. On 3rd August, the coin jumped from $105.2 to $108.5 having an escalation of 3.17%. On 4th August, there was a downtrend in the coin which took the price from $106 to $103 by 3.01%. On 5th August, the coin surged by 5.28% from $107.2 to $112.8. The escalation continued and on 6th August, the coin again jumped from $109 to $111 by 2.25. On 7th August, the coin continued to jump from $106 to $110. The upsurge marked was of 4.17%. Next day, the coin registered a drop of 2.74%. The price changed from $107 to $104 by 2.74%. Today, the coin opened at $106 and is currently dealing at $102. The downtrend in the coin was of 2.79%. If we closely see the chart, the coin tried to climb up many a time, but the intraday movement pulled it down. The same reflects that the coin easily comes under market pressure. We are quite positive that coin would soon climb up again. The coin would be best suited for short-term investors.

Maker Price Analysis:

Maker Price Prediction- August 09
MKR Price Chart by TradingView

Maker is ranked at 23rd position in the crypto market. The market cap of the coin is marked at $529,694,568.

The chart is reflecting a downtrend in the price of the coin. The week opened with a downtrend having a fall of 3.18% as the price counters changed from $598 to $579. Day 2, the currency
marked a price drop of 6.37%. The price counters changed from $610 to $571. Day 3, there was an
escalation of 4.90% as coin touched $610 from $580. Day 4, the downtrend in the coin was of 7.70%.
The price went down to $541 from $586. Day 5, the coin again climbed by 3.17%. The price counters
changed from $561 to $579. Day 6, the coin booked a progression of 19.26%. The coin picked from $533
to $636. Today, the coin has again registered a hike of 11.02% as price switched from $525 to $583. In most of the days, the coin was seen struggling to climb up, but the second half ended with a loss. Well, the struggle of the coin reflects that the currency holds a great potential. We would recommend planning for a long-term investment for the coin..

Bitcoin Cash Price:

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction- August 09
BCH Price Chart by TradingView

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is often seen following Bitcoin’s momentum. With the same reason, the coin has improved momentum but its been 2 days that the coin is sliding down. The currency is currently trading at $314.53. The market cap is noted as $5,928,993,255 at 11:52 UTC. The coin could be seen suffering, but it would soon shine again.

Let’s have a look at the chart.

On 3rd August, the coin jumped from $328 to $345 by 5.37%. On 4th August, the coin slipped from $337 to $330 by 2.22%. On 5th August, the coin started the upsurge again. The coin took a leap of 5.26% from $336 to $345 by 5.26%. On 6th August, the upsurge continued and the coin jumped from $346 to $355 by 2.57%. The day closed with a negative value. On 7th August, the coin again tried to escalate. The coin jumped from $336 to $345 by 2.68% but the next day brought a downtrend. Yesterday, the coin slipped from $338.21 to $326.14 by 3.57%. Today, the downfall continued and the coin fell from $332 to $308 by 7.16%. The week-long chart is reflecting a continuous downfall in the price in the later half of the said time frame i.e. since past 2 days. However, the struggle of the coin to keep the price up cannot be ignored. The coin would rise again soon and astonish the traders. The long-term and short-term plans look promising for the coin.


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