Bitcoin (BTC) Update: The Dip Predicted Yesterday Is Here, But Check Out This Bull Flag!!


MACD Weekly first crossover in 2018.

So, the dive we’ve been waiting for is here… causing disappointment in the newbies and spreading fud/bearish bs.

Those who are following us knew that although the market is bullish in the medium to long term, a minor correction was expected and it was anticipated yesterday.

It’s interesting how easily people go from moon to doom… they celebrate any pump as the last and definitive one… and on the other hand feel devastated by any kind of correction.

Mixing trade with emotion isn’t a good idea… the ideal thing is to stay disciplined with your strategy, knowing what you are dealing with and ready to take advantage of the opportunities in the market. Just play the game… dance according to the music you’re listening to. Don’t try to change the music or the rules of the game, it doesn’t work like that. The market has a will of its own.

Conclusion: The minor correction we predicted yesterday was confirmed today… but the prognosis is still positive if you look more closely. Above you can see a gigantic bull flag that happened for the first time this year! A MACD weekly crossover… this is very bullish in the medium-long term.


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