Bitcoin (BTC) Update: Primary Pathway and Alternate!!


First of all, this is just a correction… a very healthy one. It’s quite possible that blue wave 2 correction is not yet complete. You can see below that Fractal #1 and Fractal #2 are active and that our primary count is still in play!

Here we can see another set of fractals. The up/down in the first box is being repeated… It would be good to keep an eye on how the price will move out of the second box, to confirm if it will repeat the movement of the first box. That would confirm the bullish side.

We have one more set of bull flag fractals here… while there is no proportional differences between the two fractals, they also lend support to the bullish scenario!

Technical Analysis is not a method of certainty but rather a method of probable outcomes. Awareness keeps the panic away! So let’s see the alternate count… we have an A, B, C Zig Zag correction. If so, then the wave C could take it to a lower low of a bit below $10,000.

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